Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reason #13 (Historic Charm) Part I

This is Quince St.

Right in the heart of Center City East stands this quaint brick-paved street.  No cars, no storefronts, but lots of charm.  And there are many more like it.

In the era of tear-down-the-old for bigger and better, Philadelphia kindly refuses.  Yes, modern brownstone condos are occasionally squeezed in the narrow city streets, but history wins the battle in Philly. 

Philadelphians pay a lot for this charm-- split box springs, tiny dollhouse-sized furniture, no sprawling private lawns with playsets, container gardens-- but the rewards are worth it.  Plus, you can always knock down walls in your brownstone to get a modern, open floor plan feel, and the city's children play at the pretty well-maintained public playgrounds and parks (more on that later).

I see a for sale sign.  Would anyone like to buy me a house?

So, I love Philadelphia thanks to old brick streets, narrow brownstones, and an undying respect for history and charm.

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