Monday, October 3, 2011

Reason #7 (Seasonal Farmer's Markets)

Philadelphia's city dwellers may have access to more fresh, local, seasonal produce than our suburban and rural-living friends, thanks to a wide variety of seasonal farmer's markets in Center City.

Headhouse Farmer's Market is my personal favorite because it's close to my apartment and stays open into the winter (some are even year round!). It's been a huge learning experience for me to learn what fruits and vegetables are seasonal in our area, when.

Gone are the days of shopping for produce in the supermarket (except when an avocado craving hits, or maybe in February), thanks to Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, my favorite summer read. Glossy, perfectly round tomatoes no longer look real to me, and I know that carrots don't naturally grow straight. Okay, I may be becoming a food snob, but isn't this the best kind of snob? One who respects farmers and their profession? One who rejects pesticides and artificial growing environments? who enjoys a Sunday morning out in the community and who really just wants her food to be real?

While the late summer tomato canning tradition is still in my future (Sorry Mrs. Kingsolver, I need a normal-sized kitchen first), I did freeze home-made tomato sauce and green beans, and there is a lot of winter squash coming my way. Small step by small step, we can all make a difference in our communities, our country and our world by supporting sustainable agriculture.

So, thanks to Headhouse Square and Farm to City (and MM for all the photos), I love Philly because of seasonal farmer's markets!


  1. and a bonus . . .
    you get to sample wine and beer {stems and steins} at 10 in the morning.

  2. Great post! Hurray for farmer's markets & barbara kingsolver & killing your own turkeys. [ok, maybe that last one is out of our league, but maybe we could try the cheese making sometime!]