Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reason #3 (Community Gardens, Part I)

My 2nd favorite Philly occurrence in spring and summer, community gardens will most definitely occupy more than one post as herbs, flowers, and veggies spring to life this year. So, in celebration of the beginning of spring, I captured one local community garden's greenery after neighbors and plot sharers have spent many hours bringing this land back to life.

Located on Locust Street in Center City, this collection of plots is nestled among historic row homes and swanky restaurants (like one of my favorites, Garces Trading Post--- will post soon). What I really love about community gardens is the neighborhood bond they create. I've heard that residents wait YEARS for a plot, all the while buying shares in a local farm's CSA.

But the most wonderful part of community gardens in Philly is their presence in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. Transformed from trash-filled, city-owned vacant lots, these gardens promote a sense of belonging, teamwork, and a respect for healthy, local food.

Check out the Neighborhood Gardens Association for more info.

Here's to you, Spring!

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