Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reason #4 (Appreciation for the Arts)

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Philadelphia has surprised me yet again! Spinning bell choirs, Khmer statues, sidewalk chalk, and flying trapeze novatos are my memories of Philadelphia's International Festival of the Arts that lasted a whole month!

Philly's concrete jungle was temporarily converted on April 30 into a European wonderland, complete with a "garden" in the middle of Broad Street and a 3 story Eiffel Tower in the lobby of the Kimmel Center. While BJH and I were less than impressed with the booths offered (really?! An Aerosoles tent?!), the spirit of Frenchiness, sunshine and high spirits were enough to make Philly's appreciation for the arts my reason #4.

So, all you Arts Initiatives out there: keep the arts in our city! I love Philly because of you!